How to use this E-Learning course

The course is divided into modules, each aiming to teach you a skill related to mathematical modeling using OPL studio. Some of the first modules may contain information most students are expected to know, but if you lack a certain skill, the material is available.

The modules are listed in the menu in the order you are expected to go through them.

You are expected to have found this course through a reference by a course lecturer. In that case you should have a list of modules to go through. You may need earlier modules in order to do so.

Each module starts with a list of learning objectives for the module.

Should you have corrections and/or comments to the e-learning course, you should contact Rune Larsen at DTU Transport using the link at the bottom of the page.


Each topic will eventually be associated with a video. After the video you will find a text version of the material, allowing you to search for course content, or avoid listening to me entirely if you prefer.